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Reported by : olola, 13/09/2020

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I met Elias Fynn on a Facebook group and I told him I want to invest $500 in bitcoin, so he chatted me on messanger and asked me to link his account manager on WhatsApp +1 607-247-1303 his name is Astor Rinho so I thought these oledr person will be more responsible than the younger ones but alas they are big scammers.So I chatted Astor Rinho on his number adn gave him my data for the trade process. So Astor asked me to purchase $540 worth of bitcoin to be sent to the company wallet for trade to begin so I did and send him screenshot of all bitcoin purchase, I sent him all evidence of purchase for confirmation. After 4 days Astor told me he completed my trade and profit hit $9000 and I can begin the withdrawal process, so Astor asked me to contact the company account manager on So I messaged Richard to initiate the withdrawal process through email. In response, Ricahard informed to purchase bitcoin $1000 to process the withdrawal into direct deposit in my bank account so I bought Bitcoin $1000 and sent to Astor through company wallet and he confirmed to have seen the payment. One day later got message from Richards email that the company experience difficulty sending out profit to over 2000 investors so all investor should open blockchain and send their account officer so I opened and sent Astor the wallet ID. Few hours later Astor requested the blockchain wallet password, pin and email that he need to configure my wallet so I can receive profit. A day later no profit was received so I informed Astor and he told my profit did not reflect because profit exploded from $9000 to $72,000 so I must fund wallet with $3000 bitcoin because profit exceeded what the blockchain wallet can receive, and I should tell him once I fund so the profit will be added to $3000. In an hour later, he told me profit exploded from 72,000 to $292,037 that I had to fund wallet so I can withdraw to bank account directly, I told him no an not funding the wallet as a matter of fact I want $9000 profit and not the big money. A daY later, he told he made a research that If wallet is funded with $3000 profit reflect in 1hr, $2000 2hrs and $1000 3hrs now You have options to choose from. I told him no, I paid for direct deposit and if that didnot work company should pay through direct deposit. Astor insisted that profit is in my wallet and I can only see it if I fund the wallet and tell him. Its a month now I lost $1500 bitcoin to him and his cohort. I searched my blockchain wallet on blockchain/explore but no transaction was found so I sent Astor I discover his lie on blockchain, he read the message never respond.
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Crypto Blogger
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Faceof scammer Astor Rinho
Faceof scammer Astor Rinho
Faceofscammer Elias Fynn
Faceofscammer Elias Fynn