Crypto Scam Report

Reported by : Dannydavis1992, 15/09/2020

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Scam description
I was scammed for $400 worth of Steam Wallet gift cards on the bitcoin exchange site The scammer goes by the name Jackabc. I bought physical steam wallet gift cards from best buy and scratched them off and sent them to him one by one in our trade on paxful. After I sent the 4th card he replied with edited / fake pictures that had the codes in them saying they were already redeemed and demanded that I cancel the trade. I did not cancel because I know 100% the codes were valid and he redeemed them and was hoping to trick me into cancelling so he could get away with $400 in gift cards for free. Im currently in a dispute the btc is still in escrow until the moderator can review the dispute. I just wanted to warn anybody and everybody that he is a scammer and you should avoid him at all costs.
Scammer type
Crypto Exchange
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