Crypto Scam Report

Reported by : ccbk, 16/09/2020

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Scam description
there are many asian girl on tinder. they are generally in hong kong. we matched and than passed other social medya. after some time she is talking about investment. she says had a uncle. than talking about INF(infirmation chain). she generally says i have been invested a lot of money and she wants you have to invest there. and she leads you how can you invest there. sends some connection because you can not register directly. this is how it works the system. than your money goes their wallet address. and i found many numbers from victims. i written below. i also opened telegram group about victims. so be careful. +852 5932 7643 +852 5535 6923 +852 9144 5729 +852 6644 6854 +852 6494 2330 +852 6706 4136 +852 6432 5293 +852 6431 3688 +852 5715 5493 these are their mail address. and also they have a lots website. they have alsa stay far away from they. almost same system. There is you can find some solitions - report local police - report via this link -report via this mail - report to your hong kong consulate or to hong kong trade fever
Scammer type
Crypto Exchange
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