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Reported by : cheater888, 18/09/2020

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[SCAM Alert] 10,000,000 UNI Fake Giveaway

Scam description
This is fake giveaway! Tweet: ETH Address: That is what is worried, of course, beginners will find out via google about how to get this or find this fake giveaway on Twitter and other social media, so Im afraid that many are caught in this scamer trap. I am sure that there will be new tricks coming up again. Scamer will not stay idle where there is hype there, scamer will act with their bad intentions. Every hype is used by scammers to deceive people. But I didnt expect them to react so quickly to the free giveaway from Uniswap. Now many people are trying to find the answer in Google, how to get 400 UNI and by mistake can take part in a fake distribution. Please do not send any money! Stay Away!
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