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Reported by : Lukeccc, 22/09/2020

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https// -scam (new name

Scam description
I`m contacting you because I got hustled (scamed) on the exchange https// I opened an account and invested in this exchange around 1,1 BTC. I also did some trading on this exchange. I still have some investments in coin EUD that was one of main coins on that exchange. Now they closed the exchange and I can`t reach my account anymore. They say that they have changed the exchange to PCMEX global which I can not reach and I guess it is made from same people that are hustlers from TMT exchange. I would like to report this scammers. Can you help me get some of my funds back? I also have many (whatsup) contacts of them. Regards, Luka
Scammer type
Crypto Exchange
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