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Reported by : Ratcatcher, 08/10/2020

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MLAC, Lin Yuxin ( scam)

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This scammer has been reported here before (under different name), found her with a reverse image search: in one of the pictures she sent me, which she claimed to be taken in september 2020. This warning comes late, but better late than never. She promotes in Whatsapp (and Tinder) an ICO-state cryptocurrency MLAC (claimed to be published on 23.10.2020), sold on a platform named DragonCoin ( Her phone number (+852 5145 4213) leads to believe she lives in Hong Kong, she herself told me she lives in Kowloon. She provides you with an institutional code, which is required to buy or sell MLAC, making you promise you wont share the code. She is quite skillful and resilient, even though I invested only couple of hundred $ in total. On request she even provided a Chinese ID under the name Lin Yuxin, with birthplace etc. matching her story. Probably stolen or a forgery. Still Im reluctant to share that picture, as it might be someones true identity. She tells you that she has a tutor who has for many years provided her with solid investment opportunities and presents herself as a pro. She tells you of her family, childhood memories, friends, keeping in touch for a month every day with multiple messages. Every once in a while asking how much you have invested and urging you to invest more. She pretends to be worried of your wellfare and is interested in your things, trying to build up a false relationship. She told me that she works for a financial company named Quam Securities Company in Hong Kong. From what info I have gathered (googled) that firm ceased to exist for some reason in 2017. The thing with the platform is that you can withdraw the amount up to the sum you invested, after that or if the sum you are trying to withdraw exceeds the initial investments your account gets locked automatically, leaving all money in there locked. So when withdrawing, do so ONLY up to the point what you have really invested there. If you confront the online service (they have 24 h online service) they come up with a 0,2 BTC tax demanded by Hong Kong, which should be paid to an anonymous BTC-address in 6 days time, otherwise the account will be confiscated. I asked for documentation about this tax, but obviously they were unable to provide it. After I laid the facts in front of her in Whatsapp, she blocked me instantly there. So beware, this is VERY likely to be a fraud. Attached are pictures she has sent me of herself, to my untrained eye all but one could be of the same person. She agreed to a video call, but we never actually got that far.
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