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Reported by : poi, 09/10/2020

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AKA Greg Marshal

Scam description
Greg Marshal ask me to join bitcoin for 30 dollars but after paying $30 dollars. He said I need to pay another $30 dollars for registration. After paying he emailed me and said the process has a hiccup and need to pay $50 dollars for withdrawal fee. As a person who wants my money back I paid the said amount since I want to withdraw my money. He message me again in Telegram that the bitcoin I sent was not received. He has many excuses but the hash link is not lying that it was already deposited on his account. He then ask $20 dollars and another $20 for government fee and a $10 dollars for overdue fee. 3nli6gpnkdbewseb1kadohaeyxvogv955a this is the link on his bitcoin account. IF you can block it please block it to avoid another victim.
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