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Reported by : cheater888, 13/10/2020

Votes: 1 Defi project wisely running fake UNI, ETH, BTC giveaways.

Scam description
eSwapexchane is a Defi project which is going to be launching on 31 Oct. Recently they are running an airdrop 1000 ESP which is is a stable coin that means those 1000 ESP=1000$ what is saying by the eSwapexchanges team. Thus they collect a huge amount of followers in Twitter and Telegram. There are more than 21k followers in their telegram and they pinned a post on telegram a link of a fake UNI giveaway. Site URL= Pinned on telegram : and Twitter profile: Telegram group: Now you can think how deeply they are going on? First the greedy offer in twitter to collect followers then after building the community they are wisely promoting these fake giveaways, even some people are shilling on the group chat that they are getting paid the free money by joining giveaways. So that other people can belive it and fall into this trap. Always be aware of such greedy offers and giveaways. Details:
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