Crypto Scam Report

Reported by : Lovestruck, 14/10/2020

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Miranda Lee (Li Hulan) & Uncle & Dad - INF DBNC

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The girl I talked to called herself Miranda Lee and Li Huilan which is her Chinese name. She was based in Singapore and was working at her Uncle and Dads Apparel business in Hong Kong. Apparently, her Uncle is in Singapore Chamber of Commerce and she learnt to invest from him. But it is all a scam. Coolcoinpros INF and Xmoons DBNC. Once you transfer you bitcoin and covert to their token, it is gone! They have plenty of sites and all does the same thing. It is supposed to mature in about a month or so, but that is all a lie. Do not fall for it. If it is too good to be true, it definitely is not true. I spent over 2 months with her. Everything seems right and legit, she was intellectual and had intellectual conversation. But do not fall for it. Her Phone numbers are as below. +852 9144 5729 +852 6583 1425
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