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Reported by : Ratcatcher, 16/10/2020

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RGC-cryptocurrency ( scam)

Scam description
This report is connected with these reports, concerning the scam platform Now it looks like they have launched a new ICO cryptocurrency named RGC. The scammer will provide you with an institutional code, making you promise not to share it with anyone. She will be convincing, persistent etc., sending you pictures, even an ID, trying to build a false relationship, but beware, its a scam. You will never get you money out of there, your account gets locked when trying to withdraw more than you have initially invested, if not earlier. If you put in like 2000$ and try to withdraw 2500$ a couple of days later, your account locks up and you end up losing the 2000$ (and the imaginary 500$). At least one scammer uses name Lin Yuxin. One other likely to be named Lily.
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