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Reported by : Vipla, 12/11/2020

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Scam description
The fraudsters use various prominent youtube channels like : the rich dad company after which an accomplice posts a comment informing other users for the amount of crypto he/she made using trading signals from a certain trader. After this, he/she posts the trades telegram and WhatsApp contacts for you to get in touch with them directly. Once you get in touch, the trader guides you that he will provide you with daily trade signals. He assists you to open an account with dont confuse this with which is a genuiene trading platform After you setup your account, he starts sending you signals to post on the trading platform which are fake. if you try to withdraw your funds, they tell you that you cannot withdraw for 14 days. your crypto holdings keep growing very fast due to the trade signals being provided (of course this is all fake). My crypto grew from 0.96 btc to 4.67 btc in 10 days. hehehehe After a few days, they send you an email from [email protected] to inform you that your account activites are suspicious and you can only unlock your account by getting a trading licence from The WhatsApp contact for the trader is +1 438 255 1011
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