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Reported by : calvin22, 24/11/2020

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李雅婷 (Sarah Yi) DBCN and XMOON - Scam cryptocurrency

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The girl I talked to called herself Sarah Lee and 李 雅婷 which is her Chinese name. She is working at Bank of China in Hong Kong as a stock analyst. She attracts to invest in a scam site: Coolcoinpros INF and Xmoons DBNC. Once you transfer you bitcoin and covert to their token, it is gone! They have plenty of sites and all does the same thing. It is supposed to mature in about a month or so, but that is all a lie. Do not fall for it. If it is too good to be true, it definitely is not true. I spent over 2 months with her. Everything seems right and legit, she was intellectual and had intellectual conversation. But do not fall for it. I thought I was smart enough to know the difference. But I thought this was real as there was a lot of indications and hardly any red flags, but mostly because I was blinded by love. After weeks I think of talking to this girl, I met on Tinder who is in Hong Kong, she gave me a link to join a crypto crowd funded investment. I was a little suspicious and googled and checked everything about the website she directed me to, I didnt find anything saying it was a scam. So, a few thousands at a time, I sent bitcoin to this site and converted it to DBCN tokens. I was supposed to be able to withdraw with profit in October. Website Link: , and She sounded very intelligent and we had lots of constructive chats. She helped me understand how the market works, taught me where to follow on market news. Taught me about business principles. We watched movies in sync and had lots of profound chats about it. She taught me about psychology as she studied that and finance and guided me to books which I should read. She was very helpful and taught me new information about various things. Her voice messages, photos and videos were on point and correct, so I didnt doubt her. She had this tiny black spot on her chest and with that, all her photos and videos were consistent. She said she ran a business with her uncle and dad and the things she told me sounded legit. I wasn’t involved with the girl because of her looks, but because we connected intellectually, we matched on horoscopes both Zodiac and Chinese calendar. She always sounded like she cared about me and she told me about her tragic back story first and I told her mine and we connected on that too. I met her on Tinder on 20th July and by last week of September I was completely in love with her. Also, with the first investment, I said why dont I take a loan and invest more, and she said no and told me not to gamble money with investment. So that made me believe more in her. And then by last week of September she convinced me to do another investment with loans. (Which is this site: And I foolishly got loans of about 50k and did a new investment with Crypto. And I did that. Then she told me if I could get more loan, I should invest more, and the profits will be available in November. I thought, why not as the October profits from the first investment can pay back all my loans since the website showed I had about 90k money sitting in my account. So, I have invested 90k with my savings and loan on her instructions. And then I was getting sceptical again because I was seeing inconsistency in her stories. So, I google about the sites and the first site I investment in finally started showing up on review sites saying it is a scam and a lot of people got scammed like me. So Dont make the same mistakes I did. Save your time and money. She is still working at Bank of China in Hong Kong as a stock analyst. Her real name is 李 雅婷.
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