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Reported by : AntiDolos, 06/12/2020

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Ideaology (IDEA) IEO Review! (Updated Dec 22, 2020)

Scam description is a UAE legit startup (ICO) that released in Q1 2020. At first glance, Ideaology IEO is a legal, profitable, and successful project, But check Ideaology Rating and Review ( Ideaology IEO is an **honest project**. There is no doubt about this. They established a legal structure. From the beginning, they introduced themselves **legally and clear**, and with a large initial investment, as well as they built a relatively good project. But Ideaology IEO has 3 main problems. The core of the idea is duplicate, and many startups have developed this idea before. Despite widespread publicity, their PR is weak and the lack of proper marketing policies has led to an increase in the risk. There is no operational MVP but they have a great prototype. As a result, we see a *great project with 682 investors*, The current situation is difficult but has a bright future. We don’t propose a short investment but is good and we should monitor it. Besides if they can **cross 1/4 of SoftCap ** and reaches +850 Holders, Ideaology IEO is recommended for a multi-stage long-term investment. Listing at Exchange is definitely a big leap forward. Now, after a fast Private Sale. They have eliminated their ICO and are waiting for a jump in February 2021. *[Emphasize again that the proof and documents (like photos) of all the details mentioned in this report are available in the link above].*
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