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Reported by : bono, 10/03/2020

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The paid mining plans offer returns more than 20% per month which is astronomical but sadly that is a shady scam tactic used to convince new participants in the mining sector. Since there is no information about this company on FCA database, it means they are operating outside the boundaries of law. The exact details of the miners or specification of them is not mentioned. They have not shared the details of the data center, so we do not know where they are situated and literally there is no way to verify their statements. Fake investments like this firm always tamper with the online marketers in such a way that both of them gets an opportunity to make a lot of money. This service has an affiliate program in which anyone can earn an income by referring people to their platform. The commission rates fluctuate between 30% to 100% of the first contract bought by the investors. In case if you have not figured out the only reason because of which they are able to afford paying 100% commission to the affiliates is that they are just filling their pockets and they do not have to spend funds on anything related to mining. As always the promoters are not needed to invest into the platform in order to qualify for payments. is an illegal corporation led by a group of anonymous cyber criminals who have a knack of getting away without being confronted by law. They have no evidence to prove that they have paid all the clients. The deadly trick of this firm is that since it is a ponzi scheme they will pay the clients every once in a while which makes the clients believe in the company and invest even more funds. Never make the mistake of trusting them, you will regret your decision sooner or later.
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