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Reported by : bono, 15/03/2020

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At first glance this website does not look fishy but this platform is nothing but a scam. The creator behind this phony platform have maintained complete anonymity. Their only goal is to reach maximum amount of people and whenever they deposit with one of the affiliated off-shore brokers synced with this platform these scammers get a fat commission check. BTC News Trader provides investment advice which requires them to be regulated but we were not able to find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold which means it is an illegal service in most countries. Unfortunately, if you were a victim of this scam or if you are considering to open an account with them and for whatever reason if you need any type of assistance, forget it. This firm does not have any support staff to address your problem or to assist you. They feature comments from well known personalities like Bill Gates and Richard Branson in their promo video. Note that they are not connected with this software in any way. Considering all the factors and misleading information on their platform along with the lack of transparency exhibited by this firm, there is no doubt that this project is nothing but scam.
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