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Reported by : Anna van der Merwe, 25/03/2020

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Victor (Fernando) Smith \ CEO Leo

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Good morning CRY FOR HELP FROM SOUTH AFRICA. A person contacted me on my cell phone introducing me to bitcoin. The person that I am mainly dealing with is called Victor Smith. I was asked to install the Luno App on my cell phone and started depositing money in. Then I was asked to install Blockchain but I put a two-factor authenticator on it. It started on the 9th of November 2019. Small amounts were initially asked plus ID copies etc. Then, when I started putting money in, the amounts got bigger and bigger and I ended up paying R650 000.00 ($37497.85). Every time I was ready to draw, I was put through to CEO Leo (also not his name) and he keeps on telling me that I have to pay $10 000.00 because of an upgrade on the Blockchain update! So I had to lend money and release my annuity policies etc. until I had no more money. I managed to ask him if he is really Victor and he said no, that is his American name, his mother renamed him when he got to America from Brazil. His real name is Fernando. I could not get his surname out of him, he keeps saying it is Smith, I don’t believe that. So I asked him for a photo. The second photo attached is the first photo he sent me. I searched his face on the internet and found out that he is using Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto @drfernandoneuro who is a neurosurgical doctor in Avenida Angélica, 1968 - Conjunto 21 São Paulo, Brazil 01228-200. Victor keeps changing his Whatsapp number, it was is +1 (480) 645-9175. This is now his new number which indicates OH+1 (779) 232-9584. Where he is based could be anywhere but he told me he was in Florida. I have a photo of the (supposed) him. (see attached). I traced the Radio station from the photos he sent me, this is the details: BandNews FM is a Brazilian all-news radio network owned by Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação. First broadcast on May 20, 2005, it is the first Brazilian radio network that provides non-stop news programming 24 hours a day, considering that CBN does intersperse news with talk shows. I searched his face on the internet and found out that he is using Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto @drfernandoneuro who is a neurosurgical doctor in Avenida Angélica, 1968 - Conjunto 21 São Paulo, Brazil 01228-200. All these photos are of Dr. Pinto on the radio station I later found out it was Dr. Gomes Pintos face. Then, the person that is basically his supposed boss, his name is CEO Leo. I have no further information besides that he does the back end of the processing. CEO Leo has changed his cell number because he apparently, shortly after Crypto 24 was “hacked”, lost his phone. His number is +1 (785) 256-0889. So Victor gets you into the web and CEO Leo is supposed to pay you out, you wait for hours after you have deposited your money and then he comes back with an email a per below: Thu, Feb 6, 6:00 PM (5 days ago) to me Hello Anna You are getting this email due to upgrade that we are have having on our trading platform, due to the delay on your request for your withdrawal, the amount you deposited is not enough to carry out your profit, if you can refer three people who can invest up to $15000 we can then Carry out your trades because right now your current balance is 1million dollar what you have deposit cant withdraw the owl amount, kindly contact the CEO of the complete for More explanation Thanks for your understanding I don’t believe either of them is American because their use of language is that of a foreigner. I then reported the case to the FBI. I received a mail from the FBI on this person: From: Moore, Stacy <> Sent: 13 February 2020 03:25 PM To: Annette van der Merwe <> Cc: Fox, Katie <>; Rohrbacher, Harley <> Subject: RE: 2 people targeting SA people to invest in bitcoin Hi Annette, Thank you for providing all of this information. We were able to find in our datasets the below information. • Trevor Rogers associated with the (785) 256-0889 number • Two of which, Trevor J Rogers /Trevor John Rogers • DOB: 10/1982 • Return criminal records from Shawnee County o CRIMINAL USE OF A FINANCIAL CARD; MONEY, SERVICES, ETC. W/IN 7 DAY PER GE $500, LT$25,000 Just from all of the work you’ve put in already, how else do you think we could help? Thank you, Stacy See mail from CEO Leo, they will not release my money (which was standing at $320mil in the blockchain) because I needed 3 investors at $15K per person which I was not able to get so Victor told me I was wasting his time and then told me that there is nothing he can do for me. If there is anything you can do for me, you can contact me on 0834494329 or Kind regards Annette
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