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Reported by : nick_glow, 04/02/2020

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What happened:: Back in December I deposited some BTC into DEX to trade XMR. I went to withdraw 0.73BTC in December and the transaction never broadcast. After 2 weeks @localcoinA on telegram responded saying the Bitcoin node needed a resync after saying still resyncing for a further 2-3 weeks @localcoinA finally came clean. Apparently his exchange is insolvent and he doesnt have the BTC to send me anymore. Instead and without my permission he issued me with 13,000 LLC tokens and said if I help him they will be worth something. They are currently worthless. After days of telegram chats he is refusing to return my funds. I am making this post in the hope that it saves someone from losing their funds too. I know it was stupid of me to deposit into an unknown exchange but I got greedy because there were (probably fake) good trading opportunities. The whitepaper list a bunch of people from a web dev company called nineseven ( The main person listed is Dmitry Khorushko. I spoke to him and he denies any involvement apart from being contracted to develop the exchange. He claims some anonymous person who goes by Fluke Hawkins is the person behind it and the person in control of the wallet/gateway. I am incredibly skeptical of this claim and I do believe there is a chance that Dmitry Khorushko is simply using this so called anonymous person as a front. This is despite his company github account making a commit on the github project as recently as 10 days ago. I have attached some chat logs below, its only partial because I have been mostly talking to myself for days. They are definitely worth a read, at one stage he whinges about centralised exchanges scamming people, the irony of someone saying that to a customer that they are currently in the process of scamming. Scammers Profile Link:;u=2556732 Reference Link: DEX Amount Scammed: 0.73BTC Payment Method: BTC
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Crypto Exchange
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