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Reported by : stella, 18/02/2020

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Bryan Seiler CEO

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I am going to expose a scammer with a name of Bryan Seiler here on internet who was previously involved in Fitrova token scam and now he has made a token as well as an exchange named as TAGZ and you can find it at It is also on bitcointalk at Bryan Seiler is the current CEO and main person behind TAGZ exchange and you can look at him and his talks through exchanges official YouTube channel. You can also find this person on Medium. You can also find articles about him at: Now thing is sure that Bryan Seiler is the main person behind TAGZ exchange. Coming towards Fitrova. Fitrova was a token launched in 2018 claiming to be a token for gym industry. When bryan started TAGZ he deleted all of the videos on its official Youtube channel. But i found his account with the same name on ICOBench where he created account with his real name where he is a verified number with clearly written Fitrova under his project. Link is under: When you will watch and search for this person you will find out the person speaking in this video is the same as on More you can find out a study posted on Steemit ------------ More details:
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Crypto Exchange
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